Coming Events

Green Height’s Mall Ang Pao Packet Design Competition.

Participants must use any type of recycled materials to create an ‘angpao’ packet.  The size must be exactly 15cm (H) x 8cm (W). Judging will be based on recycled materials used, creativity, them and concept.  Submission date is 16 January 2012.  Results and prize-giving 19 January.  Registration forms can be collected at the mall.

Green Heights’ Mall Little Miss Cheongsam Competition

The date for this competition is Saturday 4th February, however the entry forms must be submitted by 25 January.  There is a small talent aspect to the competition.  Entry forms are available on site at the Green Heights Mall.


MV Logos Hope visit 27 October-15th November

The MV Logos is the largest floating bookshop in the world.  It’s sister ship which has since been decomissioned, The Doulos, was in Kuching a couple of years ago.  The ship is birthed at the Pending Port and is open everyday except Mondays from around 10am (I will double check times and re-post them).  Entrance charges are around RM1 for adults and children are free. 

This is a fun outing for kids as they are able to look around the ship, check out some books, and even buy a snack at the cafe.  Interaction with some of the crew members from over 45 countries is also an added bonus.  They also run special activies and workshops and details can be found at the information desk on board.  A map of where the boat is birthed is below:


4th Cat City International Cat Show (15th Oct 2011)

Organiser : Sarawak Cat Club @ Kuching City North Council (DBKU)Venue     : Civic Centre, Kuching, SarawakContact   : Mr. Bahtiar Hj Affendi / Mastijah Masleh / Siti Jamilah Bt muhd Haneef / Nor Asmah Bt ZainudinTel       : (+60)82-446688 ext 805   Fax : (+60)82-446414Email     :

 October Kids Hash 22 October

This looks like its going to be another good one.  Check out their facebook page here for more details.

Rock on Festival 23-25 September 2011

The Rock On 2 – Marathon Sport Climbing Festival goes beyond a climbing
event. Firstly this is a festival, a celebration with the 7 local villages
in the Krokong areas. We will have food, drinks, souvenir stalls, climbing
for all levels and music.

The program is as follows:
Friday – arrival and free to climb. Bazaar starts 4 pm till 10 pm.
There is one special thing- my band REVOLUTION will be playing a 1 hour
session gig- we will be playing songs that revolutionised the world of
music. Please come to see the climbing, have dinner and a few drinks and
watch the concert.

Sat – is a full day of serious climbing. We have set up a 6 meter high, 4
land artificial wall for people who would like to try climbing. There is a
small charge of RM 5 for 3 climbs – all contribution will go to St.Patrick’s
church building fund (this church caters to all the 7 villages). Climbing
will run from 10 am to 6 pm. Now everyone can climb. There’ll be more food
and music till 10 pm.

Sun – is wind down day but we will still have the food, song and dance.

Please come our effort to contribute to the 7 villages in the Krokong area.

Lundu and Sematan Festival 23rd-25th Sept 2011

Organised by the Lundu and Sematan Councils this is a weekend where they hope to promote their area as a destination for both local and foreign travellers.  There is meant to be a fair, sports, and cultural activities.  For more information check out

Bop It Challenge

Head back into the ’80’s as you take on Bop It!  Head into Poppies’ to give it your best shot.  For more details check out their facebook page her

Poppies’ Little Ones’ Fair

This year promises to be the best and biggest fair yet.  Running from 30 September to 2nd October.  For more details keep an eye on Poppies’ facebook wall here.  Last year there were competitions, baby massage classes, and lots of other interesting activities and items on sale.

Poppies is also running an online baby competition through its facebook site.  Again, check out their wall for details, and don’t forget to ‘like’ the cute Thien kids:)

September Kids’ Hash

This run is an annual event…the much anticipated Cave Walk!  Located at the Fairy Caves in Bau it is a guided walk through some of the caves not usually accessible to the public.  It will be a real adventure!  Check out more details on the Kuching Kids Hash Facebook Discussion page here

 Activites at Green Heights Mall


 Click on the picture to enlarge


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