There is no shortage of Kindergartens (Tadika) in Kuching.  It seems like every corner has one;)  These are not as regulated by Government Departments so it is important to choose one that you think fits your needs and your child’s needs best.

Kindergartens in Malaysia take children from the year they turn 4 to the year they turn 7.  They teach numeracy and literacy and are quite academic.

The two International schools – Lodge International School, and Tunku Putra Internation School (see schools sections) have Kindergartens.  Of the two, Tunku Putra is more like what you would expect of an International school. 

Of the local kindergartens Christa at Stutong is one that I have heard very good things about.  It was recently named the top kindergarten in the whole of Malaysia by the Education Ministry.

2 Responses to Kindergartens

  1. Heidi says:

    I can also recommend Tadika Bintang Intelek Montessori in Rubber Road West (satok area). It was formerly known as The Childrens Place. Call 082 323854 and ask for a viewing.

    • Thanks Heidi. Bintang Inetelek is categorised as a Taska as they take children from 2 (they are however allowed to take older children also and offer Tadika classes). It is a fantastic playschool, has great staff, and is fully registered. For more info link through to them through the Welfare Department link on the Playschools page of our site.

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