Kuching has an abundance of day cares/playschools which are known as Taska.  It seems that there are at least two or three on every main road.  However many of them are not registered.  Being unregistered means that they are not complying with Government regulations in terms of staffing, practice, buildings etc. 

Please make sure you check that any centre you are looking at is registered, not only for the safety of your child but also for your convenience as unregistered centres can be shut down by the government at any time.

Prices seem to vary quite markedly.  I called a number of centres and they were unwilling to give me prices over the phone, they wanted me to go and have a look at the centre and get the information from them.  Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time looking around centres while trying to find the right one for you.  Approximate prices seem to be between 300-600 per month for a full day.  Questions you will  want to be asking will be about staffing ratios, activities, menu, qualifications of staff etc, as these areas will be where certain centres may skimp to make profit.

The Welfare Department has a list of all registered child care centres.  The list can be accessed at .

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