Baby products, services, classes

There is very little available in Kuching in the way of classes and services for babies.  If you are pregnant then your Obstetrician will advise you of any ante-natal classes that your hospital is running.  These will probably be all you get. 

Playgroup Kuching has a small playgroup that is run from people’s houses.  It is mostly ex-pat mums and numbers fluctuate depending on the needs of mums at the time.  Currently it is a small group .  If you would like details please contact Kuching with kids at

The new kiids clubhouse Indoor playsland is offering a number of classes and activities for children.  They are also starting a Playgroup for children aged up to 3.  For more information visit their website here

There is a Malaysian website which has all sorts of helpful hints and information.  Most of it is West Malaysian based but from time to time they may have things in Sarawak and Sabah too.  To connect to click here

Sue Walker (see special needs education section here) is the only certified Baby Signs Instructor in Sarawak.  If you were to give her a call I am sure she would consider either individual or group classes.

There is a lady who is a certified Infant Massage Instructor.  She may hold private lessons or run courses from time to time.  Her details are: Daphne Lim, Ph 012-8892282.

On a recent exploratory visit to Matang I happened across Sarakids Parenting Specialist.   They have a small shop selling a small selection of various baby items (emphasis on small).  But what was really interesting was that they advertise amongst their products and services that they have Breastfeeding and Parenting support groups, Mother to Mother support groups, and counselling services by a Certified Lactation Consultant.  In talking with the staff I am still not sure if these services are actually happening on a regular basis or not, but if you are interested I have inserted photos of their Business card below (the images are not very clear, click on the photo to see an enlarged version).


Baby products see the where to buy what section here

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    I wish there’s gymboree in kuching

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