There are four main hospitals in Kuching, the General (Government) Hospital,

Kuching Specialist Medical Centre (KPJ),

Timberland Medical Centre and

Normah Medical Specialist Centre.

Of the last three Normah and KPJ (Kuching Specialist Medical Centre) are the ones most commonly used by those of us who have little ones for non-emergency situations.  In my home country it is very difficult to see a doctor, you must make and appointment and often have to wait for days before you are able to see a GP.  In Kuching you are able to see a Pediatrican very easily and always on the same day that your child is ill.

Both Normah and KPJ have wonderful Pediatricians who are very popular and highly regarded. 

Details for children's night clinic at Normah.

Dr Alex Lu works at  Normah, across the Satok Bridge.  It is on the map, and any taxi driver worth his weight will know where it is.  You are not required to make an appointment and waiting time is usually very minimal.  If you can avoid the morning directly after a weekend or public holiday as that is usually a busy time.  His contact details and clinic hours are: 082-440055, consultation hours are Monday-Friday 8.30am-12pm, 2.00pm-4.30pm.  He has a night clinic on Thursday and Sunday from 7-8.30pm in the emergency suite (access through A&E). 

Dr Lim Kwong Thong works at KPJ, it is in the Stutong area and again will be on the map.  Dr Lim is very popular and it is advisable to call and get a number (to get a place in the line) before you leave home.  Dr Lim’s contact details are 082-365 777.  His clinic is open from 8.30am – 12pm, and 2pm – 4.30pm.  He has Thursday afternoons off and is open on Saturday mornings.

The only night clinic that KPJ has available is on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm. The visiting paediatrician is Dr Kok Juan Loong. He is a very nice Doctor and much better than the A&E locums if your child is sick on a Tuesday;)

Both Normah and KPJ have at least one other pediatrician also but these two are the ones that come highly recommended. 

There are also a number of other clinics around town.  One that I have not tried personally but have heard good things about is a Dr Bong who’s clinic is at 7 miles his details are: Dr Bong Chin Nam, Child Specialist and Family Clinic, Ground floor, No. 394, Sentosa Central, 7th Mile Bazar, Jalan Penrissen.  Apparently its near the Pizza hut.  His phone numbers are 082-625 877/012 8771758.

If you need to see a doctor urgently outside of office hours then both Normah, KPJ, and Timberland have Accident and Emergency Units which are a cheap and accessible way of getting piece of mind.


It is common here to go to a private hospital for delivery of a baby.  It is more costly than the government hospital, but everyone who has the means chooses too. 

Midwives are more support people here, they do not actually deliver babies but work with the Doctor.

The private hospitals listed above have great Obstetricians who do both antenatal and postnatal care and delivery of babies.  An Obstetrician who comes highly recommended is Dr Phillip Kho who is at KPJ/Kuching Specialist Hospital.  Dr Phillip is very experienced and has worked in numerous overseas hospitals.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

KPJ has two other Obstetricians Dr Wendy Loh, and Dr Chen. 

Normah is a ‘nicer’ (I am talking nicer to look at, not in terms of quality of care) hospital than KPJ if you are more into asthetics.  It is possibly better equipped also.  They currently have 3 female obstetricians: Dr Elizabeth Eu, Dr Azizah, and one new doctor who I am unsure of her name (will try to find out).

Both of these hospitals run very simple ante-natal classes and are able to show you around their birthing units if you arrange this in advance.

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