Home help, child care, cleaning services etc

Having help at home is an affordable option in Kuching whether it be a live in maid or a daily/weekly helper. 

Live in Maids: There are a number of agencies around town who organise Indonesian and Fillipino maids who live in with a family.  I do not know of any that I can recommend, but they are out there 😉

Cleaning companies: There are also agencies who supply cleaners who come for half a day or a whole day.  You often see vans driving women around town and then picking them up again afterwards.  A word of caution: It is advisable to request the same person come each week.  It means you don’t have to explain what you want done each time, and it also means that you gain some trust in the person.  Just note that often these women come from Indonesia with the purpose of working for a family, then get placed with an agency instead and end up having to work very long hours and are often coerced into other activities at night.  I personally would not use one of these agencies without first asking where their staff come from and how they are treated.

Domestic helpers/Ah Mah: It is preferrable if you are able to find your own helper through friends or someone you know.  Women who do domestic help as a job usually know of someone who would also like to get into the business or someone who needs a little extra cash.  Prices vary but  RM 10 per hour seems to be the going rate at the moment for part time workers (once or twice a week).  Full timers would need to negotiate their salary as it can be anywhere between RM 700-1000 plus depending on what services are needed.  Negotiation is needed and it would be advisible to ask around and see what others are giving to their helpers.


6 Responses to Home help, child care, cleaning services etc

  1. Lydia says:

    Hi There,
    Would you be able to recommend any reliable cleaning agency in Kuching. I need to get a good and reliable one to help my mum wz major spring cleaning. LOL..


    • Hi Lydia, I have not used a service regularly so I’m not sure about reliability but I did use a service once for a massive cleaning job. I am not sure if they do one-offs any more or if you have to commit to having them come for a set period of time. Anyway the bosses name is Christina and she is very easy to deal with. Her number is: 016-8515810.

  2. Lydia says:

    Thanks a zillion for the info. I’ll give her a call.. 😀

  3. Glad says:

    ooo…i need a domestic helper/ amah. You know of anyone? We have just moved to Kuching from KL

  4. Pauline says:

    I need a daily maid from 1 Feb 2013 – 17 Feb 2013, I need her help me to cook n to do house work… Pls gv me a call as soon as possible… my contact num is 0198860626… Tq…

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