A large part of the Malaysian experience is the food, and Kuching is no exception.  Kuchingites love their food and are very proud of it, and rightly so.  From the Sarawak Laksa to the popiah (vegetables rolled in a wafer thin pancake), to the ABC (something that has to be tasted as the description does’t do it justice) there is a huge variety and something to suit every palate.

All of the eating places listed here are favourites of parents here in Kuching.  They are places we take our children and manage to have a meal without too much stress.  Please note that they are in no particular order of preference, nor are they in alphabetical order (as that would be far too time consuming and I have 4 little ones to referee at home).  They are simply listed as they come. If I get really flash you might even get some pictures 🙂

Eating out

Supermarkets/local markets

Baby food

Special Diets

Just a quick note on water… most people here either have a filtration system or boil their drinking water.  Another option is to have a company deliver drinking water to your door.  The phone numbers of two Water Companies who have hot & cold water dispensers and deliver water in 5 gallon bottles are:

Borneo Water: 082-481155

Water Genesis: 082-432525

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  1. child food says:

    This helpt me alot! Thank you very much for sharing 😀

  2. child food says:

    Great post you have here with good info 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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