Baby Food

Organic cereal that is widely available in Kuching. Quinoa based it comes in three varieties

We are now able to get a wide range of baby foods in Kuching.  Gone are the days when you would bring back a suitcase of baby goodies from your holidays home.  Rusks, jars of food, and even organic options, are all available – most of the time.  Most supermarkets carry a small range of foods but can be somewhat erratic.  Listed below are the places who have proven to be consistent.

Toys R Us in the Hills mall has a wide range of Heinz baby and toddler foods, rusks, biscuits, and snacks.

Poppies also carries a variety of imported baby items

Cold Storage carries the Rafferty’s garden range (its Australian I think).  They also have organic cereals.

Mady Organic and Natural Food Store has a number of organic cereals, milk powders, fruit and vegetable purees, and rusks.

Ta Kiong, and the Choice supermarkets have some jars and tins, and the organic cereals but not as wide a range as the places mentioned above.  The organic cereals are not shelved with the baby foods, but in the organic section – ask if you can’t find them.

The baby food section at Toys R Us in the Hills Mall

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