Special diets

Choice, Cold Storage, and Ta Kiong all carry various gluten free  and organic products.  They are not always shelved in the most logical way nor are they always shelved together so it pays to ask if you can’t find something you need.

Mady Organic & Natural Food Store at the Green Heights Mall has a large range of products also from pre-prepared goods to flours and milk powders.  She also stocks Eco-store detergents and all sorts of other goodies.  The owner, Madeline, is a trained Homeopathic Doctor and does consultations from her Jalan Tun Ahmad Abdul Zaidi Adruce (aka Jalan Keretapi) shop and clinic.  Her cellphone number is 019-8861789, call her to make an appointment. 

For babies who are allergic to Cow’s milk/lactose there are a number of options.  Poppies, Ta Kiong, and Mady Organics carry Karicare NZ Goats Milk.  There are also Soya and Almond milks that are available at these outlets.  Enfalac and Wyeth, both trusted names in the infant formula industry also do soya milk powders.  Enfalac also does a Lactose free cows milk formula.  Most pediatricians will give you a sample of different milks if you ask.

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  1. Max says:

    I have been searching for organic or natural grown local fruits these two years. I have also asked around whether there are farmers/gardeners who plant extra for sale and constant supply. The answer has been a disappointment. Can anyone please help to find out and introduce a good source to me? I prefer local fruits, thank you very much.

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