There are a few options for sports in Kuching.  One thing you will find after you have been here a while is that many of the sports almost lead to a dead end.  What I mean by that is that your child will reach a certain level and then not be able to go any further.  If you are a foreigner your child has the added disadvantage of not being able to join in teams which represent the state on a national level.  Many of the sports (swimming, tennis, rugby) only allow Malaysians to compete in competitions hence the rugby club has no one to compete against (as it is not a school club).  I have divided the sports into team and individual sports. 

Team sports

Rugby is played at the Kuching Rugby Football Association grounds at Song Kheng Hai (behind the Everise at Jalan Padungan).  Training is at 4.30pm on Thursday afternoons.  All are welcome  (girls too!) and the yearly membership fee is very minimal.  The children are coached and play a game each Thursday.  Unfortunately they don’t have anyone to play against.  They have a lot of fun regardless.  Check out their facebook page here.

Futsal (Indoor soccer) is a very popular game here.  Older children can go for training and join the under 17’s league at Arena Sukan (see info below).  Younger children are welcome to join a group of us who send them on Wednesday afternoons to train.  Email us ( for details.

Arena sukan, Jalan Wan Alwi, 363577/017-8087017.

Individual Sports

Swimming – the swimming pools mentioned in the things to do section will have information about various swimming coaches and lessons.  Both private and group lessons are available. 

Tennis – the Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association at Bampfylde Road runs lessons at a very reasonable price.  They may also be able to advise of coaches who could do private lessons.  Access their website here.

Badminton – this is a very popular sport in Malaysia and there are many Badminton courts around town that are available for hire.  Arena Sukan on Jalan Wan Alwi just after the big Simpang Tiga round about also runs lessons/coaching.  Their times are Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-6:30pm, Saturday 2-4pm/7-9pm. Call 363577/017 8087012 for details.

Tae Kwan Do – most schools offer this as an extra curricular activity.  Arena Sukan also offers lessons/training for children aged 8years and above.  The times are Friday 7-9pm, and Sundays from 2-4pm.  Call them for details at 363577/017 8087012.

Arena Sukan also offers Wing Chun Martial Arts classes for young people aged 9-15 years.  Classes are on Saturdays from 4:30-6:00pm.  Again, call them for details.

Dance and Yoga click on the link to find more information.

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  1. Persatuan Sukan Ekuestrian Negeri Sarawak or Sarawak Equestrian Sports Association is a registered organization (registered with Pesuruhjaya Sukan Malaysia, Sarawak) which is specialized in Equestrian sports and it’s related activities. For those who would like to participate or wanted to learn more about horses/ponies and horse riding, you can contact Ekuestrian Sarawak : –
    sms : 019-8770074

    Thank you.

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